Kent Kart Championship.

The 2021 Kent Kart Championship:  With all the uncertainties at the moment we have put the Kent Championship on the back burner for the time being. If it happens it will be later in the year maybe August/September/October but there are a number of issues some of which are out of our control that will need to be addressed before we can plan confidently. 

The 2020 Kent Kart Championship consisted of three rounds. Round one took place at Bayford Meadows followed by R2 at Lydd International and the final round at Buckmore Park. The trophy winners are listed below:

2020 Kent Kart Championship - Trophy Winners

Junior Clubmax 1. Oliver Bullion 2. Max Lee 3. Jayden Neal-Holder

Senior Clubmax 1. Riley Stephenson 2. Elliot Rice 3. Sean Berry

Honda Cadet 1. Owen Neave 2. Oscar O'Sullivan 3. Charlie Warren 

Honda Rookie 1. Josh Selvadorai 2. Anthony Parfett 3. Oliver Majewski 

Bambino 1.Maria Ruberto 2. Jack Cope 3. Stanley Kearley 

Senior Rotax 177 1. Joseph Perry

Mini-Clubmax 1. Jack Badger 2. Micky Porter 3. Sebastian Morgan

Junior Subaru 1. Ben Cooke 2. Finlay Underwoodi 3. Liam Thomas