Racing Classes

Race meetings take place on the third calendar Sunday of each month. The Saturday before each round is reserved for practice exclusively for Club members. 

In addition to the normal Motorport UK classes the club put a great deal of effort into providing cost effective class options for the club racers.

The club promotes the Junior and Senior Club-Max classes, basically a Rotax engine matched with long life tyres to provide performance and economy. All classes have enjoyed large grids in recent years with club racers enjoying competitive racing on sensible budgets.

Full details of these classes can be found in the download section of the website….

Summary of our 2023 Classes:


Remains unchanged from 2022 Min. age 6 until 31 st December in the year of 8 th birthday. Kart/Driver weight 71kg

Honda Cadet 160

Largely the same as 2022 regulations. Min age 8 until 31 st December in the year of 12th birthday. 900 or 950 chassis. Kart/Driver weight 103kg Min Driver weight 27kg Dunlop SL3 Tyres

Honda Cadet 200

As 160 regulations but using a sealed 200cc engine from RPM. Engine cost £695 plus Vat. It is envisaged that a network of engine preparers will be established during 2023 in addition to RPM.

Rotax Cadet:

New class using a restricted Micro Max Rotax engine on 900/950 Chassis. Ages as per Honda classes but weights are slightly different Kart/Driver weight 105kg, Min Driver weight 28kg Dunlop SL3 Tyres.

Honda 200 Inter

New Class using RPM prepared R200 engine. 950mm Chassis. Min age 10 until 31 st December in the year of 13 th birthday. Kart/Driver weight 110kg, Min Driver weight 33kg. Dunlop SL3 tyres.

Rotax Inter

 New class using Rotax engine. 950mm Chassis. Min age 10 until 31st December in the year of 13th birthday. Kart/Driver weight 115kg, Min Driver weight 33kg. Mojo Mini Kart tyres.

Junior Club Max

Regulation for Junior Rotax class at Bayford Meadows will remain largely unchanged. Maxxis Sport slick tyres. Min age is the year of 13th birthday until 31 st December in the year of 16 th birthday. Kart/Driver weight 145kg, Min Driver weight 40kg. Experienced drivers holding a National grade licence may move to the Junior class from their 12 th Birthday. Provided they meet the weight criteria

Junior Rookie

This is a Bayford Meadows ‘club class’ for newcomers to the class. Regulations as per Junior Rotax but is restricted to drivers racing in the class for the first time in 2023. This is optional and is aimed at those starting out in the class. The club will also run a grid for drivers with 2022 Mini Max equipment to the regulations Kart/Driver weight 132kg, Min Driver weight 37.5kg. Ages 11-14.

Senior Club Max/177Kg

Largely the same technical regulations as 2022. Min age: Year of 16 birthday or from 15 th birthday with National licence. Kart/Driver weight 162kg Min Driver weight 52kg (177 – 80) This information is correct as of 18/11